The Build

The start of the visualisation of a dream or investment can be traumatic. The very nature of building is loud and often dusty, even with the best of builders. Nerves can be frayed and relationships with neighbours can be strained. Ensure that your neighbours and where necessary, other nearby occupants are made fully aware of the upcoming build and again where necessary, relevant Party Wall awards and agreements have been dealt with by the relevant people.

At an early stage you must decide whether you want to live in the premises whilst the works are being carried out. Discuss the proposed works with your builder to see whether he feels you need to move out.

During the build, there are very often unforeseen matters, e.g. depth of foundations, removal of plaster to find different materials than originally thought.

A good builder will discuss these matters with you, and should also liaise with the designer or engineer in order to resolves the query with minimum upset to you, the client.

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