Selection of a Builder

After all of the legal processes as explained, the next most critical stage is the selection of a builder or contractor. With all the programmes on television, it would be easy to assume that all builders are cowboys. Unfortunately, the industry does have its share of bad apples and a rough rule of thumb is; the cheaper the estimate, the less the quality of the workmanship but again this is not always the case.

If there is a secret to the selection of a builder, it is the following:

Ask your friends
there is nothing like a recommendation from like-minded people;
Multiple estimates
don’t just get one builder, get three or four estimates and ensure the estimate breaks down the individual elements and processes;
Meet the builder
the only unknown is how you and the builder will get on. Mostly, you will know within two meetings whether you will have personality clashes, these usually lead to bad feeling and building is all about good communication.

Once you feel comfortable with your choice, enter into some form of contract. This can be as simple as a mutually signed agreement letter.

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